Who we are

COMERCIAL DE HOJALATA Y METALES, S.A,. “COMESA” is a company whose majority shareholder is the PROMETAL BAKLI group. We are specialized in cutting, sorting and trading tinplate or other cold-rolled products . Our main customers are crown cork, lids and metal packaging manufacturers. COMESA was founded in 1973 and since 1993 our headquarters are located in the industrial zone of San Adrián ( Navarra). Our cutting centres distribution:

  • Spain: San Adrián (Navarra) : headquarters, management and two tinplate coil cutting lines.
  • Poland : Tinplate Service Centre, S.z.o.o. “TSC”. Service centre in Silesia.

Our shareholder PROMETALBAKLI operates two industrial centres in Greece. One is specialized in steel for packaging, tinplate and chromium coated steel, and the other one, in cutting and processing stainless steel. Thanks to the support of our new shareholder PROMETAL BAKLI and the arising synergies , COMESA and therefore its partners and other stakeholders, begins a new era of collaboration and success.