We work with tinmills whose products have been previously approved by our own system for evaluating suppliers. We offer three different quality categories:

  • PRIME: This is top-quality steel manufactured in Siderurgy industry according to the exact specification of our customers. COMESA purchases the material in coils and transforms it into sheets with the dimensions required by the customer. The supplied product meets the requirements of UNE-EN 10202: 2002 (" Cold-reduced tin mill products. Electrolytic tinplate and electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel”) and UNE-EN-10333:2007 (“Steel for packaging. Flat steel products intended for use in contact with foodstuffs, products and beverages for human and animal consumption. Tin coated steel (tinplate))

  • NON-PRIME: Stock materials available for immediate sale. These materials go through an "upgrading" process in COMESA that aims to eliminate the defects and adjust to the specifications required by our customer. This process involves manual sorting of sheets, flattening, trimming, and others. Its prices is normally lower than prime material.
  • LINE REJECTIONS: This is the by-product obtained in our cutting and upgrading processes and represents the lower grades of our offering.